Hi All. Happy New Year. I had been working on my website and have moved to
Please follow me there and thank you for your support.

Much Love



Hi All. Happy New Year. I had been working on my website and have moved to
Please follow me there and thank you for your support.

Much Love

88 with a new taste!



I was invited for a special evening at the Kempinski. To my surprise it was the 88 restaurant, which I have always wanted to go to, but I have been a bit lazy to get to Westlands.  So when the invitation came knocking, I just had to get there.


The 88 is quite elegant and different. The atmosphere is calm and just cool. I felt very relaxed and I must say, it was just what I needed after a busy and stressful day. I felt as if I walked in for a spa treatment. The 88 is a Pan –Asian restaurant, which serves a fusion cuisine as well as an exotic selection of cocktails. If you are a sushi lover, then this would be your home. Every Thursday’s you can eat all the Sushi you can for 2,000 Kenya Shillings. I can call that death by Sushi, but I am up for that challenge. Sushi heaven, I tell you and the best part is that you don’t have that after taste. It is smooth down your throat.


The menu change is why a few food lovers, fanatics, and bloggers got together to sample this amazing menu and to give an honest opinion. Not only was there good food, music and mood but also many new faces. I had a chance to be around people who don’t think it is weird to take pictures of your food. I always used to think tourists were just crazy and now the table has turned.


The new menu had some amazing treats .The appetizer had crab and vegetable dumplings, stir fried Quail with chili and basil which was amazing. The Salad was served on a leaf shaped glass. It made the perfect model for a picture. Presentation is everything.  The salad had mince chicken with Thai herbs , also glass noodles salad with mango and chilli lemon dressing.


The soup I must say was just perfect for the weather, especially as it was raining. There were two kinds of soup and I went for the Tom Yam Goong. I guess it had a nice ring to it. It was basically Thai sour and spicy soup with lemon grass, galagal, kaffir leaves and mushrooms.  I am usually never big on soup as I always skip it and get right into the main course. It always feels like such a waste of my time but this soup converted me to at least give the other soup’s a fighting chance.


As for the main course there was an array of different kinds of assortments. From beef red curry, stir fry szenchuan chicken, sweet and sour pork, to tempura, stir fried spinach with sesame sauce, made my mouth just blow with all the flavors.  Made me remember why I had Asia on my Bucket list.


And to top it all for desert we had deep fried banana with vanilla ice cream.


I had a chance to meet the Chef behind all this amazing food. I wanted to meet the man who took the time to prepare this amazing feast and just say thank you.


Chef Hum Gurung has only been to two African countries and loving it. He arrived in Tanzania in 2004 from and has now moved to Kenya and is making Nairobi his second home. He promised me more variety in his menu but one thing that stood out was the fact that he made his food oil free. It was steamed food. This is healthy! Heart attack free! This for me just made the experience even more wonderful.

I was so stuffed but had such a great experience. Would I do it again?  Yes especially those dumplings. Every time we thought it was over more was being brought to the table.

Have a blessed Wednesday!


Fruity with Stone!

I always seem to get mixed up every time I set foot into cold stone. I never chose from the menu as I can never make my mind up. This time round I was determined not to take more than 2 minutes deciding what to eat. While I was deciding, my partner in crime had gone to the bathroom, returned, picked what he wanted and sat to wait for me. Sadly, it took me a while but once I made up my mind there was no going back.

Very proud of my choice which was vanilla and raspberry with frozen berries. Healthy ice-cream and no I am yet to gain any weight from that.  I think this would have worked very well with fresh fruit. It is all about the flavors in your mouth. Who knows maybe they might even introduce ice-cream on your pan cake. Another amazing ice-cream experience. I love the way everything just melts in your mouth. I forgot to mention, it was a work of art. I looked at my Mixture and was very proud of it.

Trying not to be an ice-cream addict. I would quit rehab!

A touch of cloudy!


 I have been noticing some very interesting clouds of late. Must be all that El Nino talk. At times it threatens to rain, but when you look up, the clouds are just amazing. They look like a painting. Even the sunsets have been beautiful.  Maybe am just the only one who notices the beauty in the sky while everyone else is trying not to get that dark cloud on them.  There is no humor in looking like a rained on cat. I have been there a few times, however at times you just let it flow.

If you are caught out what else do you do?  Nowhere to run to or hide.

Enjoy the clouds!

Arabian Tales 2


Part 2: This is not your normal Oga film by the way! There is so much to write about this amazing new lounge. Thought I could tease it a bit last week but I am afraid I said more but I still have more to say.


The décor , menu and ambience did not disappoint at all. Only the belly dancer did, as she was practicing some new moves she was going to impress us with. I was really looking forward to seeing her in action and maybe learning a few tips. Not that I can belly dance to save my life. I have 6 left feet so even the basic dancing is an issue. Another hidden talent that shall remain hidden.


Back to food! The plates I must say were looking very beautiful and arty. They reminded me of pottery due to their earthiness. I was told that they were imported from Morocco. Which makes sense as everything must stick to the theme. How would it be an Arabian joint with no detail to the last drop.

1444821093998_wm[1] 1444821361500_wm_-_Copy[1] 1444821119497_wm[1]

We were welcomed by dates filled with pistachio, nuts, apricot and other fillings that I did not really bother to try out.  I am not a fan of dates but I did enjoy the date filled with apricot. It was a different taste in my mouth. I cannot imagine myself in the desert eating dates.  However when the cold Mezze’s came out , it made me think that one could have a feast in the desert and not even remember just how hot it is out there.

There were different cold mezze’s however I loved the Hummus with Basil pesto, Rocca salad and the Sawdat Dajaj. There were other dishes but these did it for me. The flavors, and there is nothing as amazing as having different flavors in your mouth. You almost go through a firework moment. The flavors all blend in very well. To my surprise I always thought that Arab food would be super spicy. It was not.  Am not crazy for hot food. I noticed that there is a lot of olive oil used. Apparently you live longer if you cook with olive oil.  I need to goggle and see if that is just a myth or real?


Once we were done with the Cold Mezze, we moved over to the Hot Mezze . Also some interesting flavors. Well am going to be a bit biased here as I love chicken and I had Jawaneh Motafa which is grilled chicken wings with lemon and garlic sauce. That lemony taste is still in my mouth. Here is something interesting; Golden fried Chicken Balls which were stuffed with pistachio nuts and Halloumi cheese. They were wrapped in othmaleah pastry. They reminded me of coconuts at sight.

IMAG5222_wm[1] IMAG5227_wm[1]

Not a huge fan of lamb. For some reason I cannot eat lamb, goat or the other cousins of the cow family. I consider them relatives. Not a huge fan. I did see Hummas with Lamb and it looked tempting and I just did not want to get an allergic reaction and kill the evening which was just perfect.

As for the main, I had the Arabic Mixed grill with Grilled Tilapia and Prawns. The Arabic Mixed grill had some chicken shish tawook which I enjoyed very much.


Dessert was also very nice. I can still remember Umm Ali and what made me remember it was the “Ali” part of it. This is basically Milky bread pudding with mixed nuts and raisins.  A bit sweet!

IMAG5283_wm[1] IMAG5282_wm[1]

It was hard remembering all the names however I am told that every name has a story. Now that is what I like to hear. Food that has a story.

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