A Blessed Flowery Sunday!!!!!!

I have been having this nudging feeling that I should say something today. And what I thought I should say is not what I had in mind. Does that even make any sense? It has nothing to do with the many activities that are currently going on in my head. Now am beginning to sound like I lost the plot.

I came across some pictures that I had taken last Sunday after church. There is a lady whom I always call Mum C. C is for Catharine as that’s her name. She is a florist and recently started to do the flower arrangements for church. She has such

beautiful flowers.

During the church service I could not help but just admire the beautiful flowers. I could not wait for the service to end. I wanted to take pictures of my new subject. As soon as the church service was over, that’s exactly what I did, but you have to greet people and smile. A bit of a mission to get to them but I did.

The congregants are used to the fact that I take a lot of pictures with no humans in them. At first they would stop and look at me and at what I am doing. This would be followed by a Q and A session that would end in hmmmm ok. And now I see people also asking me to help them take pictures of what I am taking pictures of. This would be a good time for me to start a photography cult. But yet again cult’s errr, I don’t think I had a bad enough childhood to want to punish everyone. That would not make me cool, now would it?

Clearly I started taking corners and walking round the block. I am yet to cross the road. In other words where did my focus go to? What I am trying to say is that, the flowers reminded me of my Sunday School lessons, especially the creation story. On day 3 God created plants and covered the earth. He was proud of what he had created Genesis 1: 11-12. This is the first thing that came to my mind as I was going through my flower pictures.


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